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By Carmen Warren

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Al c. I the crust (EarthCrust ), . by Alfred Nobel, consIsted of : th tl (E rthM tl) d nitroglycerin absorbed in kie- ~ the man (BearthaCo an) e an . e core re . seIg uh r. M 0 d ern d ynamltes, I which are used for blasting con- : • earth's atmosphere tain sodium or ammonium ni- ~ earth's atmosphere is the layer trate sensitised with nitroglyc- I of gasses that surrounds the erin and use other absorbers ~ earth. ) wood pulp). ~ • earth's core • dynel or vinyon : earth's core, part of which is a copolymer ofacrylonitrile and ~ believe to be liquid, lies below vinyl chloride containing about I the mantle.

Fi2 4. ; bre, paper, cosmetic, hair, to - dry Ice. . ~ give colour. React by absorpcarbon dIOxIde I~ the solId : tion, solution, bonding. Pigform, usually made m blocks to I ments retain their identity be used as a coolant; changes more closely on bonding to the II ================__ 11IOflI-ie Chemistry " dynR-mite I earth's enut 61 *==============~ substrate. Colours generally ~ Mars, and has three distinct lay- originate in electronic trans i- I ers. tions; most dyestuffs are organic in nature but are frequently applied together with I inorganic species.

E. either a pure ; compound or a group of com~ pounds behaving as a single : compound on the adsorbent). ==========__ lnorgllnic Cbemistry 11 ...... II cis-mms isomerism 33 I coal • cis-trans isomerism as well as the structural isom- I erism, which was illustrated in the alkane series, a new type of isomerism is possible in the I alkene series. There is not free I rotation about the carbon to carbon double bond, and therefore there are two dis- I tinct isomers possible, de- I pending on the layout of the ~ groups attached to the carbons : involved in the double bond.

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