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By Blythe Lucero

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content material: how you can use this publication --
the hunt for higher swimming --
what is in a drill? --
a hundred drills --
Drills for freestyle --
Drills for backstroke --
Drills for breaststroke --
Drills for butterfly.

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Would it be a straight line? Think about how your hand moves and describe it. Step 2: Now, get in the water and swim several laps of freestyle. Focus on the path of your hand through the arm stroke on the horizontal plane. From the entry, it should start wide, then sweep inward under your belly button, then finally out past your hip. Step 3: Swim several laps of freestyle again. Focus on the path of your hand through the arm stroke on the vertical plane. From the entry, it should extend forward then descend downward to about 45 degrees until it sweeps upward back towards your body, then finally travels straight Figure 10: The three dimensional path of the freestyle arm stroke back past your hip.

As a Recovery Set After an intense set at practice, a few easy laps are in order. At that point, a less intense recovery set should be done. 13 11:19 What’s in a drill? workout. Not only will a drill set provide a needed break from swimming hard without wasting precious time in the water, it will also give the swimmer the opportunity to recapture his or her technique after the previous speed-centered set. Sometimes technique can be sacrificed for speed, especially at the end of a set when the swimmer is getting tired.

Choose a drill that is designed to do at near swim speed, so the set will be challenging, but doable. This can be a fun and interesting way for swimmers to accomplish both conditioning work and technique work at the same time. Pre-Meet Pre-meet swimming is an excellent time to bring in drills, both during taper, and within the meet day warm up. Drills bring the mind into one’s swimming, and focus it on swimming right. Drills can be grounding if a swimmer gets nervous. Using a long set of drill/swim laps that include many of the drills that have been especially meaningful to swimmer is a good way to set a positive tone for the big swim.

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